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DJ Max Techman is the world's first DJ performing in the spacesuit astronaut. His performances are a symbiosis of the DJ set and a video installation of trance subjects, immersed in deep progressive sound. The costume of the artist brings to the performance a new format, hitherto not used by anyone on the club stage.

DJ Max Techman began his musical career in 1997 at the club"Luke". Very underground place where musicians, freaks, DJs and clubbers clubbed. Perhaps the only underground place at that time in Ekaterinburg. In memory until now remained memories of those turbulent parties which were held in this place. From that time began the hobby of vinyl, electronic music in general, DJ equipment and all those connected with it. Electronic music to this day lives in our hearts, makes us live, create and build.

Space theme site chosen for a reason, because it is space is something that is so mysterious and little known to us. Only trance music allows us to plunge into the fantastic atmosphere of space, to feel and hear something that we have not heard before and did not feel. From 2010 to 2015 DJ Max Techman was the owner of the trance label Global Sound Records, which was released more than 100 trance releases, 2 albums and 4 compilations. You can also hear his podcasts releases Techmančß on such online radio stations such as: Trance Euphoria Trance Century and Trance One, which included the works of many musicians of the label.




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